Episode 11: Blah Blah Blah

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Episode 11

I’m talkative today, apparently!
Works in progress:
Batik in Knitpicks Gloss Fingering in Winter Night
Every Way Wrap by Okmin Park
Other stuff:
A picture of our container garden-
Book review:
World War Z by Max Brooks
Featured Geek Pattern:
Featured Game:
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About knitbytes

Twenty-something. Knitter. Spinner. Occasional crocheter. Huge, huge geek.

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  1. I have used a similar laundry detergent for quite a while and I love it! I have super sensitive skin and this is the only stuff that doesn’t bother my skin.

  2. 2 thoughts about the fail:
    Did you wash it? It might bloom and fill in the openness.
    Do you have enough yarn to use it doubled?

    Must say, you have me intrigued about Minecraft – and games where you build things usually do not interest me. Maybe I’ll try the old free one to see what I think.

    • sheepishlittleblog

      Yep, I washed it. It grew, but only got more open.

      Nope, I had exactly enough yarn to make the thing normally- I don’t even have enough to add 2 inches of length to each end, heh! Thanks for the suggestions, though.

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