Episode 55: My Words Are Gone

Episode 55


Eiki Shawlette in Dream in Color Starry, Grey Tabby colorway

Fiber Artemis polwarth batts


Corgi Hill Farm Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk  in VanHelsing

Hogwarts Express in handdyed yarn I got in a swap

New Things:

EtherealFibers Starlight Sock in Sewed Up a Recessed Vulcan

Spinner’s Control Card

Featured Pattern:

My Geek’s Tentacle by Oli Sushi

Featured Game:

The Secret of Monkey Island


About knitbytes

Twenty-something. Knitter. Spinner. Occasional crocheter. Huge, huge geek.

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  1. my husband just got the new edition of Monkey Island when steem had it on sale recently. he loves the Humble Bundles too. and i have enjoyed a few games he has gotten from them as well.

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