Episode 58: On Trips and Tripping

Episode 58


Make sure to stay until or skip to the end if you want to see photos from the House on the Rock!


Hogwarts Express in handdyed yarn I got in a swap


Plain sock in Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks, colorway Wicked Witch

Sugared Violets in Ethereal Fiber, colorway Sewed Up a Recessed Vulcan

Featured Pattern:

Tetris Afghan by LittleGreenPixie

Featured Game:

Diablo 3


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Twenty-something. Knitter. Spinner. Occasional crocheter. Huge, huge geek.

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  1. Enid Mary Shaw

    WOW, Becca, the ”House” had fantastic exhibitions!!!! Were the catouseld just for show?

    • sheepishlittleblog

      Yep, sadly just for show. I’m sure the amazing sculpted “seats” would get damaged really fast if they let people ride, but I was a tiny bit sad I couldn’t ride!

  2. Enid Mary Shaw


  3. Hey, I don’t think I ever thanked you for featuring my pattern. I saw that you had and started following the blog (loving the set-up, btw), but I don’t think I ever said anything directly – my life is kind of hectic. But thank you, it means a lot to me.

    The pattern is really easy – basically if you can do garter stitch and decrease, you can do it. There isn’t even any sewing, since the subsequent squares are picked up from the previous squares. And in the original sketch, the “player” was doing really well, until I realized that completed lines disappear. I had to make the “player” do somewhat poorly to authentically represent the game.

    Thanks again!

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