Episode 67: Don’t Stop Spinning

Episode 67


Loop batt for AuntSuze in “Eye of the Storm”



JulieSpins Merino 64s in “Do One Thing” for Rainlover

Hunter’s Vest in Cascade 220 Superwash


New Things:

Ethereal Fibers MCN in “Good for Defecation” and sparkly sock in “Taken for Granite”

Bad Amy, Highland Handmades, and Knitting Like Crazy from Rainlover


Featured Pattern:

Diablo 3 core characters cross stitch from Pixel Power Design


Featured Game:

Summit X Snowboarding for Android


About knitbytes

Twenty-something. Knitter. Spinner. Occasional crocheter. Huge, huge geek.

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  1. Beeca!
    We were playing TF2 once and there was totally a person on our server who was running a mod. It was a female Scout and it was AWESOME! My husband didn’t even notice… but I was really excited.

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