About KnitBytes

Becca, the writer of this blog, is currently 27 years old and lives in Minneapolis with her husband, brother, and three cats. She has been knitting and crocheting since 2004, spinning since 2007, and crafting and gaming since birth. She grew up with a Commodore 64 and a TI computer, and eventually graduated to consoles. She has since gotten back into computer gaming, but still plays the occasional console game.

KnitBytes was once a podcast, and is now a written blog. Feel free to check out the old episodes, of course!


Need to contact me? Have something you want me to check out? Feel free to email me at knitbytes@gmail.com!

  1. Hi Becca. I heard about you from MommyNeedsYarn via Plurk. I enjoyed your first episode and look forward to more. I play Kirby’s Epic Yarn with my son and niece and we think it is awesome.
    Hope you will be downloadable via iTunes soon.

  2. knitinrosecity

    Are you on Itunes?

    • sheepishlittleblog

      I’m afraid I am not- there was a bug when I tried to add the ‘cast to itunes and the support people won’t help me with it, so as far as I know there’s no way for me to get on itunes unless I change video hosts. However you can manually add this show to your itunes by clicking Advanced; Subscribe to Podcast and then pasting in this address: http://knitbytes.blip.tv/rss/itunes/.

  3. I really, really want to KAL for the mitts but I MUST finish my My Wish shawl and the bear I’ve started. Hoping to join you soon! Rav: KnitInPupLick

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